Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who we are and where we play!

The Saint-Leonard Cougars Junior football team will be competing for its sixteenth season in the Ontario Football Conference (O.F.C.). The O.F.C. has a rich history and tradition of excellence and many junior players over the years have gone on to great careers in the C.I.S., N.C.A.A., C.F.L. and the N.F.L.

The O.F.C. is an affiliate member of the Canadian Junior Football League (C.J.F.L.), which consists of 3 regional conferences (Ontario/Quebec, the Prairies & British Columbia) with a total of 20 teams all competing for a national championship the “Canadian Bowl”. This year the national championship game will be hosted by the Champion of the Prairie Football Conference (P.F.C.).

The Saint-Leonard Cougars can offer an elite alternative to playing institutional football by exposing you to a caliber of football that is extremely competitive and challenging.

Once you become a member of our team these are just some of the opportunities you will be exposed to:

  • Playing on the 2000 / 2001 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007 season O.F.C. conference champions.
  • Regular season road trips to Ontario (Burlington, London, Hamilton, Ottawa, Brampton & Windsor).
  • Stays in quality hotels with team meals included.
  • High caliber coaching staff assembled by our head coach Jeff Rached that will also provide you the player with a positive environment to properly develop and or improve essential skills on both a mental and physical level.
  • For the 2010 season the O.F.C. conference champion will travel to British Columbia to play the B.C.F.C. champion in the national semi final game the Intergold Cup. The winner of that game will than travel to the Prairies to play the Prairie Football Conference champion for the national championship game, all airfare, hotel and meals for both these games are paid by the C.J.F.L.

This and more could be available to you if you fit the player profile we are looking for:

1- Work Ethic: Players that have the work ethic in the classroom, at work, on the field, and in the gym.
2- Never Settle Attitude: Players that know no matter how well they did, they could do better.
3- Consistency: Players that are consistent in the class room or at work and on the field. Players that can be counted on.
4- Commitment: Players that are committed to making our football program better 12 months a year.
5- Competitive: Players that can not only handle competition but thrive off it.

If you consider yourself to be a team player who is looking for a challenge and is dedicated to attaining your goals through hard work and determination than you could possibly have a home with the Saint-Leonard Cougars.

Join Us In Our Quest For A National Championship!

If interested in obtaining further information regarding our team please contact one of our coaches listed below.

Jeff Rached – Head Coach - (514) 927-6058

Dominique Juliani jr. – Defensive Coordinator (514) 703-3661